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Portfolio: Bridal Camouflage

When the Lockdown started and I became a stay-at-home dad, I had some early graphic design successes that really motivated me and helped light the fire of my creativity. This design is one of those successes, demonstrating to me that the process I was developing could produce images that displayed both chaos and symmetry. I started to get an inkling that I could make patterns that have a lot of versatility in their application to different objects and that got me pretty excited. This design was originally named "Bridal Ligaments," which I think I still prefer, but "Bridal Camouflage" is a much better name from a marketing perspective. It has enough humour in it to support a series of designs; I will be thinking about it in the days to come.

The original photo that provided the pixels for "Bridal Camouflage." This is St. Bride's church, in London. It's one of my favourite photos from my 2005 trip around Europe.


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