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"Deep Hen"

This gorgeous succulent, probably not an actual hen and chick but in the family, currently thrives in a big pot in our driveway. I've got a lot of plants out there, pics of which are providing great design fodder. The photo this design is based on was taken in the early morning after a heavy dew. Not a fantastic photo, from a technical perspective; taken at macro with an extremely shallow depth of field, so that the middle of the plant (which is recessed) is slightly out of focus. That's the beauty of this cartooning approach, though - the cartoon filter finds what structure it can, defines it at varying levels of crispiness, and imposes it over a softly blurred coloured background. I like the results a lot, and look forward to the time I get off my butt and get Photoshop, which allows this kind of thing even more so.

The plant itself was given to me by a friend of mine, and it has fared very well. Here's a more recent pic of it. As you can see, lots of chicks. That photo is pretty much straight out of the camera, just a bit of contrast and saturation (as per the very first thing one does with an image). It will definitely get the Treatment and be turned into a design. It's a lot busier that Deep Hen, and that will pose challenges. The chicks used as decorative trim, perhaps? Hm....

Below is a gallery featuring just a few of the items you can get this design printed on over at Society6. This link opens the Society6 page offering the art print version of the design, my preferred method of presenting the various designs in my store. Art prints show the entire design, without repositioning for placement on specific products. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a scroller of thumbnails of the different products Deep Hen is on.

This gallery is the first time I have used a "slider." I like it in this context, and will probably use it again for this kind of thing.

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