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Feature Photographer: André Simões

Thus far, every photographer I have featured on here has been found via the Creative Commons, and their photos made available there. André Simões is the first from another source, from Instagram. Based in Lisbon, André photographs primarily Portugal, but also other destinations. From his Instagram profile page, where his handle is "enjoy_and_relax":

"Photography from Portugal and around the world

Junkie for sunsets, travelling, the ocean and mojitos"

It's only recently that I started following André, after coming across the above photo during one of my searches. The image captivated me immediately. It is called "1001 noites no Alentejo e o girassol mutante," which translates as "1001 nights in Alentejo and the mutant sunflower."

My conversation with André is still very new, consisting almost entirely of me asking him permission to use his work to feature him here, and him agreeing under the conditions that I link to his Instagram page (check) and also not alter his images in any way (check). I think we can safely assume that all of his images are protected by copyright, so let's just say officially that the images on this page are © André Simões, 2020. I have asked André if he would like to include some background information here and am waiting to hear back. That request was only made yesterday, so more about him could be coming soon.

Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais - "Descida ao inferno"

Castelo dos Mouros - "Trip to Mordor"

Lisbon Portugal - "Golden shadows"

Telhados de aço - "Beneath a Steel Sky"

Santa Cruz - "Penedo do Guincho"

Sintra Portugal - "Lady of the lake"

Castelo de Almourol - "Portugal lés a lés"

(Just a note: Something weird going on with the quotation marks in the photo titles. Not me doing that.)

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