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I Added Music to the Site - the Opponent Process

During the 2000s, I dove deep into making electronic music. My artist name was "the Opponent Process" for reasons that I won't get into here. It was by necessity sample-based, because I don't play an instrument. If I had to give it a genre, I'd say illbient, in that it was breakbeat-y, dark, and generally down tempo. Not quite melodic enough to be trip hop, although it wandered over there a fair bit. Also with some dark ambient thrown in. All of it produced exclusively using Soundforge, Acid, and to a lesser extent, Fruity Loops.

Wix allows you to add streaming players for individual songs (and maybe playlists? I will check that out), and so I have added a couple to this website's gutter. Currently up, "What Was Once," a short Bartok and Penderecki remix, and "This Silent George," a joint remix of two tracks by two different artists I knew at the time, Danny K and CRELM.

I think I will put a few more down there, because I can.

***Edit: I just did, two film-based tracks: "Where's the Boy?" (using samples from the film, "Angel Heart") and "Joyriding with Frank" (ditto from "Blue Velvet").

***Further Edit: I decided to make a Music Page. There are currently 14 tracks on there. All of them are available for use under a Creative Commons CCBY license, aka Attribution license. They are free to redistribute in part or whole, remixed or unaltered. The only requirement is attribution; please credit me as Justus Hayes. At the moment, the tracks are streaming only, but I will figure out a way to make them downloadable.

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