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Portfolio: Tucker Carlson - Charred Tree

I'm not alone in thinking that Tucker Carlson is doing more to stoke the fires of hate and intolerance in America than just about anybody else in right-wing media. Consequently, I textured Tucker with glowing, charred wood. I might also point out that the photo of grey, charred wood was taken as a demonstration of shallow depth of field, which is fitting.

The first version of this graphic (at right) was a little less elaborate than the one pictured at the top of this post. The charred wood texture filled in all of Tucker, including his hair and clothes; since then I have been applying texture to such graphics on the subjects' skin only, choosing monochromatic colours for hair and clothes. That original image has, at this point, a slightly interesting history.

Last year, I uploaded two batches of images in this style to Wikimedia Commons. They were all flagged for removal and I had an argument with a moderator there about it (documented here and here). While that discussion was happening, the first batch was deleted, but the second batch of three images was not, among them this graphic of Tucker. A couple of days ago I searched Wikimedia for Tucker Carlson and discovered that this graphic is the first search result, which I found very gratifying.

I then searched the other two graphic from that second batch, finding that my images of Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz also ranked very high (#1 and #3, respectively). Incidentally, the Ted Cruz graphic is done in a different style, showing Ted in a Hawaiian shirt and with a cocktail in the middle of a severe snowstorm; see here. That might not be the case for long, as I'm about to start arguing with Wikimedia again due to a more recent upload of two new graphics in this same stencil style that have just been flagged for deletion. We shall see what happens.


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