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So Many Weapons - The War on Christmas

We've reached #11, which is close to when I thought I would run out of juice for this thing, but no. Still going strong with this latest installment in the Great Big War on Christmas Design Drive of 2021, So Many Weapons.

With this design, I wanted to spend more time with the text, make it more dynamic and engaging. Text is an aspect of my skill set that I need to work on, and one of the many benefits of running this drive is that adhering to the strict output/drop schedule of a new design every two days forces me to experiment. All good stuff.

So Many Weapons involved a lot of editing, particularly the sleigh and reindeer. I had to cheat the laws of physics a bit with the reindeer, and the illusion holds up with a casual or distant glance. Look closer and you will see that something fishy is going on.


This design, and all the designs in the Great Big War on Christmas Design Drive of 2021, are available via print-on-demand at Redbubble on a variety of items. Below is a gallery of some of these options:


Other designs in the series so far:

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