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They All Chose Socialism - The War on Christmas

Design #8 in the Great Big War on Christmas Design Drive of 2021 features another fusion of Karl Marx and Santa Claus, titled They All Chose Socialism.

This is actually the piece I started with when I had the idea for All I Want for Christmas is the Means of Production. It quickly became clear as I was working on it that the results were too subtle and nuanced for that joke. Consequently, I back-burnered it and came up with a much simpler and punchier version. I still liked this more subtle version though, and quickly returned to it when I had the chance.

Don't tell my father, but he is getting this one on a coffee cup for Christmas. He's a Lefty from way back.


As always, designs in this series (and many more) are available for print on clothing and a wide variety of household and electronic items at my Redbubble store, more specifically you can find it here.


The other designs that have dropped so far in the series:

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