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  • How long does delivery take?
    There is a wide range in delivery times, depending on what product is ordered, where it comes from and where it is being shipped to. This can be as little as a week (e.g., a t-shirt made in Canada and delivered to Canada), up to six weeks (e.g., a shirt made in China and delivered to Portugal) or more if the destination is very remote or unusual. For a detailed breakdown of all the steps from the moment an item is ordered to its arrival on your doorstep, please see this article: **Edit Jan 2023: That article needs to be updated to reflect changes in suppliers, but the steps outlined in it still apply.** Please bear with me as I flesh out the intricacies of international manufacture and shipping, as it is quite complicated and all the more so now that I have two suppliers on different continents. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.
  • Where do you get the artwork for these items?
    All the artwork is created, modified, and selected by me, Justus Hayes. When making designs for shirts or umbrellas or any other application, I act mostly as an editor and manipulator - I take images, usually photographs, and transform them. At present the source of those images is either my own photography or images from the internet that have been released for commercial use. Regarding the latter, almost all of the internet ingredients come from Pixabay, a few from Wikimedia Commons and the Creative Commons, and a sprinkling from other online databases. Pixabay images require no attribution, are available for commercial use, are usually quite high resolution (or Vector graphics), and are generally of high quality and artistic value. I love the site and will sing its praises all day. If a design on a product has an ingredient that comes from a source that needs attribution, I will provide that link in the description of that product. **Edit, Feb 17, 2023 Please add images and elements generated by the AI image engine, Midjourney, to the list of sources mentioned above.
  • What are dropshipping and print-on-demand?
    Each of these terms requires its own definition. "Print-on-demand" is the service provided by an online printing company that allows the artist to upload graphics to their servers and, when required, print those graphics on to various products that the artist has made available. The key here is that printing is only done on demand, when an order is made, even if that order is for only one item. Print-on-demand services generally take one of two forms. In the first, only the artist can order product from the company. An example of this is Vistaprint. In the second, the artist can order their own products, but more importantly creates a store on the site that members of the public can browse and buy from. The company handles the financial transaction and the shipping. A great example here is Redbubble (please check out my store there). There are also sites that offer a bit of both. "Dropshipping" is a little more complicated. It's a method for offering products via an online store without carrying any inventory. Products are listed and available in the store with photos/mock-ups and descriptions, and those products directly linked to a third-party manufacturer. When a customer decides to buy an item, the financial transaction is processed by the store owner and the manufacturer receives the order, manufactures it, and ships it straight to the purchaser, a process known as "fulfillment." I get the impression that most online stores that use dropshipping sell just ordinary stuff that has no artist-added design element. It's sunglasses and accessories, for the most part, perhaps with some small ability to tweak a product's appearance - colour options, or the ability to add a designer label. The place this Lazy River flows through is the confluence of these two services. A "print-on-demand dropshipping" company (a terrible mouthful that needs a better term) is one that provides products via dropshipping to an online store that features printed items such as clothing, prints (framed, sticker, magnet, etc), fashion accessories, electronic accessories, household items and so on. It allows someone like me to create a store and offer their creative output on the products selected without carrying an inventory.
  • What dropship/print-on-demand companies are used by Lazy River Design Works?
    At present, all products are supplied by either InterestPrint or Printful. The breakdown goes as follows: Printful (Americas): Classic-format t-shirts, greeting cards, stickers InterestPrint (China): Hawaiian shirts, all-over graphic t-shirts, bucket hats, dad caps, umbrellas
  • What happens if the drop-ship company screws up my order?
    InterestPrint's policy: I will have a thorough answer to this soon. In the meantime, here are their Terms of Service. Printful's policy: Return Policy - What if an order gets lost in the mail?
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