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Classic-Format Graphic Tees

While most of the products on offer here at the Lazy River are print-all-over, using every square inch of the fabric, I have a soft spot for the traditional, classic-format graphic t-shirt. All of the tees offered here are manufactured by Printful. Lately, I've been using one of their Unisex options, but shirts from earlier in the catalog come in either men's or women's styles. The spec sheet for the men's tee are here and for the women's tee here.

I would like to note here that, if it was up to me, the name of these shirts would rely on the cut rather than the gender - perhaps "square" and "curvy." Printful, though, uses the men and women designation in each product's url (as does InterestPrint, my other supplier), and has chosen models for the mock-ups to match. Rather than potentially create confusion, I'm using the traditional labels. But under protest and until I can figure out a solution. (*Edit: the short-term solution I am using is to provide shirts in a Unisex cut)

Please see the bottom of this page for important  information about pricing and delivery times for larger sizes. Also, a colour chart with the colour names used by Printful for their women's relaxed fit tees.