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A Look at the Umbrellas from HugePOD

I have a feeling that umbrellas are going to become a lot more relevant in the near future as global warming continues to deliver extreme heat waves. Last year, BC experienced a "heat dome" that resulted in temperatures around 43 degrees in Vancouver and higher inland. There were many umbrellas evident on the streets as people elected to take their shade with them.

A Lazy River umbrella is a great option for those who seek protection from both rain and sun. I recently ordered and received three of them from the store and I'm very impressed, overall. As the galleries below demonstrate, the fidelity of the print job compared to the original digital images is very good. They score high on sharpness, brightness, saturation, and hue - what else can you ask for?

One small issue concerns registration across panels. The manufacturer, HugePOD, makes clear that they can't guarantee precise registration across panels of fabric that are sewn together. I encountered this caveat when researching their printing of shirts and bucket hats, but it also applies to umbrellas. If you look carefully at the close-ups, you will see that the registration is close but definitely not perfect. The discrepancy is not noticeable at even a short distance, however, and doesn't detract from the look of the print.

Of course, a very important part, perhaps the most important part, of any umbrella is the mechanism that opens and closes it, along with the structure of the umbrella's frame. These are push-button, automatic umbrellas, and the action is, so far, very quick and reliable. The internal springs are robust enough that it takes a little effort to collapse the umbrella to its closed position. My only potential concern is that the mostly plastic construction is fairly light-weight. Time will tell how sturdy and dependable they are after much use.

I have a couple more things to say about these, but work beckons. Later!

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