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An Unnamed Remix Series Thanks to Frankfilm247

See the last image for the source photo by frankfilm247 that inspired and fed this remix. A night on the streets of Berlin at a food vendor cart. Love the palette in the original photo - that aqua/crimson combination is potent. Many thanks, Frank!

This one got a little chaotic and murky in the middle, but paid off by the end. I love the above a lot, and I know it's going to make some good print-on-demand fodder.

One of the things I am happiest about how this turned out is that it landed in the same "space" as There It Is. A very similar level of black outline, colour blur, luminosity, organic shape, and directional intersection. The colours may be a bit different, but it feels like a another room in the same house.

I guess I have to title this series. Let's call it the Frank Cart series.

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