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"Against Type"

I called this design "Against Type" because I made an effort to design against my typical type, outside of the Comfort Zone. I tend towards using photographic images with strong contrasts and saturated colours. I like working in that creative space a lot, but it risks being to busy at times. If there is one consistent piece of feedback I get, it's "busy." In attempt to address this, we have this example. It still has busy aspects, but the contrast and saturation has been dialed way down while the organic abstraction has been turned way up. Here's a link to the above tank top.

As the back of the tank suggests, the front is composed of a just a piece of the full design. Here's the entire thing:

It has a good mix activity and calmness. Also different layers have different levels of sharpness, which gives it some depth. I'm really happy with it. It will be easy to make some colour and intensity variations on this theme, too.

Here is the source photo, a shot of an elaborate steel/iron gate in Florence, Italy. I think of this as the "Tim Burton Gate." I was in an unusual state of mind when I took this shot. I had recently found out that Lisa was pregnant (not a surprise), I had quit smoking, I had just had my birthday, and I was only a few weeks from going home. As with many, if not most, of the photos taken during the evening while on this trip, beer and/or wine was involved at some level. It still boggles my mind that I managed to give up smokes at that time, but I wanted to be quit by the time I got home and over the worst of it. It helped a lot that Florence is about as photogenic as you can get, kept me distracted.

I find I'm using Zazzle and Society6 for different products, with the preference going to Society6. For example, Zazzle offers print-all-over tank tops while Society6 does not, while the backpacks at Society6 are better that what is offered at Zazzle. At any rate, here are some products with the "Against Type" design. Click on each photo to be taken to the corresponding item in my store.

Alternate title: "Wine Mom Camouflage"

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