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Chasing Daybreak

One morning last week Rowan and I drove Lisa to work (I did most of the driving). As she got out of the car, she pointed out that a good sunrise was brewing. This was about 7:20 a.m., and a quick glance confirmed that this promised to be dramatic. We waved goodbye to her, I patted Rowan on the knee and told him it would be a bit before we got home.

Lisa works in a development on the banks of the Fraser River, so we have spent quite a lot of time down there recently. I knew of a few places that would give great views in that direction. We raced around to various spots that frosty morning, and I got some great shots with my crappy phone camera.

The title image for this post is a fairly extensive photo edit from a couple of those photos. As is my custom, it has been heavily stepped on by Curvature Blur; I just can't get enough of that filter. Also, different exposures were captured above and below the horizon then blended together. Plus a few other tweaks. We had driven down a narrow dead-end road that stuck out like a pier into a small sea of farmland, with Rowan waiting in the car twenty feet behind me as I lightly trespassed to get this shot. I wish I could go back to that moment and time and slightly re-frame, as I managed to clip Mt. Baker at left of frame.

The following are all from that morning, unfiltered and unadjusted out of the camera:

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