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I'm Working On a Featured Products and Merch Page

Yep. Check it out! Definitely a work in progress, but I have some good ideas about how I'm going to organize and present this page. At present there are a few galleries of different product types (i.e., leggings, tank tops and backpacks), but there are so many different types of products available that repeating this thumbnail gallery style for each would quickly become un-navigable. So, eventually I will have a condensed list of links to product types at the top with galleries down below.

Clicking on a thumbnail triggers a larger version of the product pic, along with a link to that product's store page. The difficult part was deciding which of each type of thing to highlight. A good problem to have.

I was also going to highlight actual WhyTheAlgarve merch on this page - hence the name - but now I'm not so sure. I think Merch should have its own page.

Many developments. Always fun.

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