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Images of Mine in the Creative Commons

I love the Creative Commons. In their words, "Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that helps overcome legal obstacles to the sharing of knowledge and creativity to address the world’s pressing challenges" (about). Information, typically media (even more typically photographs and images) are made available to the public for use under a variety of licences (determined by the creator). For example, I have donated 150 images to the CC under an "Attribution" license, meaning anyone can use these images for anything, as long as they give me attribution/credit for the original image. Over the years, a lot of these have been used for various things, mostly websites, and I run across them every now and then. Googling my name is a bit interesting now because of the different sites that pop up. (NB: I'm the middle-aged white guy with receding hair, forehead furrows and whitening goatee. Not the young black guy with the flat top.)

This post gives you a sampling of my CC work, all available at varying degrees of res on my ole Flickr page. I made a point of only contributing very good images to the Creative Commons, some of my very best in fact, under the theory that it's better to give away rights to a smaller number of images of use and value, rather than lots of pics of varying quality.

So please help yourself. Post them, print them, change them, remix them, do whatever you want with them. Just make sure you credit me as "Justus Hayes." That's it. You don't even need to include a url. Having just Googled my name, I see that these WhyTheAlgarve articles and their associated images are starting to turn up in increasing numbers. It won't be long before I crowd out the Justus Hayes space with this website.

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