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Memories That Last a Lifetime - The War on Christmas

The Great Big War on Christmas Design Drive of 2021 has hit a dozen with Memories That Last a Lifetime (v2). This is a new version of a design I made quite early in the Drive, with a lot more time spent on text and some lighting thrown in for good measure.

It's hard not to be inspired when you run across a photo as impactful as this one. The terror that young girl is experiencing is visceral and unfiltered. The stark contrast of her experience with the rosy attempt at sweet nostalgia nicely sums up the basic irony that underlies this whole series. The grim reality of war on the one hand, and Santa drinking a Coke on the other.

I'm very happy with the tagline as well. "Memories that last a lifetime" is so often used with positive emotion, but it can also be a threat, as in this photo. Therapy, anyone?


Memories That Last a Lifetime (v2) can be found printed on a variety of clothing, electronic, and household items via the services of Redbubble. Below are just some of the options available:


Other designs so far in the series:

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