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Portfolio: Door-to-Door Daleks

Once again, the inestimable podcast, Knowledge Fight, provided the inspiration for this inside-jokey design. One of my short-term goals is to create at least one design that gets approved to be official Knowledge Fight merch; this is my latest attempt, although its utility is perhaps a little questionable due to the intellectual property rights of the BBC. I covered my butt as much as I could by using a photograph of a "garden Dalek" I found in the Commons that has a CC:BY license, meaning it is permitted for commercial use (see below for links to all the ingredients used).

Even if Dan and Jordan don't give this one the green light, I'm happy to include it in this portfolio, as it gave me an opportunity to accomplish a few things. I wanted to do something a more dramatic with text than I have done in the past. I also wanted to create a three dimensional space that maximizes the portrait orientation of t-shirt design placement while avoiding hard rectangular borders. My experience working in the theatre informed my lighting choices. Finally, I wanted to make the editing of the Dalek as clean as possible and establish a consistent style and palette across all of the elements.

The day will likely come when I upload this one to Redbubble, and we will see how they feel about the Dalek. If they approve it, I will update this post with some links.


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