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Portfolio: Just Say NO!! to Interdimensional Demons

I've had the idea for "Just Say NO!! to Interdimensional Demons" for a while. Once again, inspired by the podcast Knowledge Fight (I am clearly turning into a fanboy). It's important to always keep in mind that there is a considerable chunk of the right that believes in spooky shit, one of those things being that there exist interdimensional demons (or possibly aliens masquerading as interdimensional demons, but really when you get right down to it, Satan) who have ensnared the Left in general but elite Globalists in particular (in other words, people like George Soros) by promising them power, immortality, a debauched life, and passage through the Apocalypse/Great Reset. Alex Jones advises us to refuse these creatures when they approach us, and just say no.

A young Globalist wearing finery and standing with attitude, accompanied by a Pekinese.
Globalist, v 3.0

What I really had in mind for this design's starting point was something like an ad from the the 50s or early 60s, in that style, with a photo of a child sternly scolding someone or something. I don't remember specifically seeing such an ad, but I have a version of it in my mind's eye. It's black and white or perhaps tinted, featuring a girl of about 8 or 9 looking very cross and brandishing a scolding finger. Unfortunately, my attempts to find such an ad have come up empty, although I have found a ton of stuff that will be useful in the future. I'm pretty sure this guy, for example, is one version of a Globalist that springs to Alex's mind when he hears the word.

While I didn't find the ad I was looking for, I did find A Dance Floor Scolding by Peter Sheik, and immediately knew it would work very well. The woman's expression and pose are perfect, and the strong side lighting with maximum contrast makes editing against black very easy. I lucked out again while trying to find something to stand in as an interdimensional demon. Lovecraft to the rescue, as interdimensional demons sound a lot like Elder Gods to me. This painting of a shoggoth by Nottsuo fits the bill nicely both in form (suitably grotesque) and orientation (profile). Of course, both images are in the Creative Commons with a CC BY/Attribution license.

One of the weakest parts of my skill set is text, or at least the graphical use of it. This design is another example of me working with text, although I think it still needs work in that regard. The word "Demons" is too small and unimposing. Demons deserve more! ***Edit Aug 28/21: I reworked the text and replaced the images in this post. Much improved.

One last word on this one. The black and purple textures around the shoggoth are inspired by Jack Kirby. I've never been a comics guy, funnily enough given the stencil-style I like so much now, but I've always liked the abstract texture convention that he is known for, sometimes called Kirby Krackle.

Here are a few examples of this design applied to various products, but of course you can find more on its Redbubble page:


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