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Portfolio: Life's Very Fragile

This design is kind of unique. It was made as a very specific inside joke based on the podcast, Knowledge Fight, but also works on its own without any backstory. Granted, when it stands on its own it makes only a superficial sense that doesn't bear much scrutiny, but enough sense to give it a bit more general utility. The more I think about creating designs for things like podcasts and YouTube channels, the more I realize the importance of a design having instinctive, general appeal apart from any fan-based appeal. If a shopper doesn't realize or care that a shirt is official merch and only buys it because they think it looks cool, then that piece of graphic marketing is going to travel outside of the fan base and, hopefully, have an effect on people who otherwise wouldn't be aware of the show (or whatever).

The inside joke here, by the way, is that Alex Jones got drunk on air and ate a piece of fruit (I believe an apple, but now I have to re-listen to confirm) during an interview, clearly taking a fresh bite during the phrase, "Life's very fragile," said in response to the interviewee talking about the loss of a loved one. It's about as crass and disrespectful as one can get, a bar that Alex is always trying to beat.

I will definitely be pitching this one to Dan and Jordan, the hosts of Knowledge Fight. It's difficult getting a hold of them, though, as the show is very popular, they get a lot of email, and Dan is notoriously bad at dealing with reams of email (as I would be in his position, I'm sure). The good news is that I have at least one alternative method of contact, but we shall see. In the meantime, this design will not be available on merch.

Yesterday, I made a version for print on a non-black background:

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