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Royalty-Free Weird-Ass Music

The tracks available here for download are free to use for any reason. Listen to them, of course, but you can also redistribute them, remix them, chop them up, use them for soundtracks, whatever. If you do use any of them, please credit "the Opponent Process/Justus Hayes."

I'm not wild about the options that Wix provides for posting these files. Posting them as zips is the only way to make them downloadable, and I can't change the icon. Many of these can be streamed on the Music Page.

the Opponent Process-Film tracks
Download ZIP • 28.68MB

All Work and No Play

Cold Coffee

Joyriding with Frank

What Looked Like Huge Bats

Where's the Boy?

the Opponent Process - Bigger Beats
Download ZIP • 23.36MB

Never Light the Lamp

Respect for Matter

Sexy Naked Elbow Love

Unreachable Itch

spore's downside

the Opponent Process-Illish Beats
Download ZIP • 21.92MB

I Can Arrange That

Paranoidal Star

Seen the Scene

Sure Gotta Hand It to Those Commies

This Silent George

the Opponent Process - dark Ambient-Abst
Download • 30.75MB

Another Bad Turn

Bruised About the Eyes

Extended Socket Journey

Socket Journey

Summertime Fever Dream


the Opponent Process - Out There
Download ZIP • 26.78MB

Cellar Dwelling

So Beautiful

Spooky Stretch

The 5AM Process

Crystal and the Bank

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