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Ted Cruz Dreams of Cancun

Ted Cruz can't help but demonstrate what a privileged, self-entitled, self-absorbed, tone-deaf, insincere, disingenuous, hypocritical and craven fake-populist he is. The only thing worse than abandoning his state and the people he represents during a natural disaster that has cost lives is then, when caught, blaming it on his daughters. What a piece of shit. And all of this scant weeks since his challenge of the legitimacy of the election AFTER the insurrection at the Capitol (not to mention the Capital).

Photo of Ted's head is from his official portrait.

Photo of street by Anthony Quintano:

All are in the Commons, as is the result:

We will see if this one has "educational value."

Of course, I ended up rushing this one a little to get it done while it is still relevant, and now I see I missed some trimming on the ears. Oh well.

***Edit Feb 21:

I fixed the ears and replaced the image here.

Of course, this image and a stencil version of Rush Limbaugh got flagged for deletion on Wikimedia Commons. See this post about it.

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