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The Next Design Series: British Columbia

This design series has a very focused and pragmatic goal - to create designs for merch that would appeal to tourists visiting British Columbia in general, and Southwest BC/Greater Vancouver in particular. It's time to make a concerted effort to make some income off of this occupation.

Now that I have more than just a few of these, I'll be updating my portfolio page and creating blog posts for each design. The next step will be printing at least one of each of the best of them on a t-shirt. Then, sometime around March or April, start making the rounds of some of the local merch businesses and see if there is any interest.

I'm pretty sure I will be using HugePOD for printing. I tried a test run with them, ordering a print-all-over hoodie that went well. I spent a little time this morning running some quantities though their ordering system to see what the prices are. I'm using 50 shirts as a reasonable amount to order at a time if this thing works out and gets off the ground. The designs on this page were made for printing in a location on the front of a shirt, the traditional "t-shirt." That's the cheapest option at any print service. Through HugePOD, 50 basic shirts work out to $8.68 each, including shipping. Pretty good, I think. Switch that to a print-all-over shirt and it increases to $10.48 per shirt, which is till not bad vor a shirt with a lot more design space and visual impact.

Gotta fly to work, today being the second working in two penthouse suites at a downtown hotel/casino.

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