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The War on Christmas - Hell Brought Eggnog

And along comes the third installment in the Great Big War on Christmas Design Series of 2021 - Hell Brought Eggnog. This is actually the design that started it all. I'm not sure how I got the idea, but one day a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make a War on Christmas design and found this poster for Paths of Glory almost right away. I had never heard of the movie before, and was surprised as I was editing the image to discover that this was an early Kubrick film.

Almost everything that makes up the final design is in the Public Domain (or at least available in the Commons). One day, when I have a little more time on my hands (ha!), I will drop all of those original ingredients in here. For now, I will just acknowledge that this one took a while to put together, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's definitely one of the darkest designs in the series.


The images in the gallery below link directly to each product's page. You can also head over to Hell Brought Eggnog's main page, to find even more choices.


Other Designs from the Series

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