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Uplift the Glorious Leader - The War on Christmas

The Great Big War on Christmas Design Drive of 2021 has hit double digits! Here we are at #10 in the series, Uplift the Glorious Leader.

I am woefully under-informed on the history of China and the Communist Party there, but the original poster this design was pulled from represents iconic Chairman Mao, with the workers triumphantly holding copies of his Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong, also called the Little Red Book.

Swapping Santa in there as the focal point of all that radiance was an easy call. I love the palette a lot, with the background yellow being the definition of aged paper.


As with all of the designs in the Great Big War on Christmas Design Drive of 2021, Uplift the Glorious Leader is available printed on a variety of clothing, as well as electronic accessories and household items over at my Redbubble store.


The designs dropped so far...

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