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Knowledge Fight Coat of Arms (unofficial) - 100% Cotton Staple Tee

Knowledge Fight Coat of Arms (unofficial) - 100% Cotton Staple Tee

All profits from the sales of this shirt will be donated to the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre and the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation here in Vancouver.




This shirt references the amazing podcast, "Knowledge Fight," being my attempt to create a coat of arms for the show. All ingredients are from the Commons and many of them require attribution - I will get on that as soon as I can. The exception is the picture of Celine, the cat, which I lifted off of the show's Instagram.


The Legend:


- The butterfly wings represent Dan and Jordan's love of animals.

- The raptor and the alien robot (couldn't find a suitable Gray) reference Project Camelot.

- The cat is, of course, Dan's cat, Celine. She is wearing a crown of lilacs as a nod to Dan's horticultural efforts. She is also wearing a suit of armour because that's how she rolls.

- The design is set on a mound as is often the tradition, in this case a pitcher's mound because of Jordan's love of baseball.

- The scroll at the bottom reads the Latin for "Neighbours!!"

- The belt bears the Latin for an early motto for the podcast, "Uncomfortable, Tragic, Funny."

- The shield is devoted to Alex Jones, featuring a bag of money, a red pill, stacks of paper, a bullhorn, and a highly stylized black-only graphic of Alex looking worried.


Printed by HugePOD


Item Number:RT0002
Fabric Weight:5.9 oz/yd² (200 g/m²)
Fabric Thickness:Moderate
Fabric Stretch:Slight stretch
Care Instructions:Regular handwash; Machine wash (max 40℃ or 105F); Do not bleach; Iron on a low heat; Regular dry cleaning; Tumble dry.
Features:Casual, Daily Casual, Cotton, Short Sleeve, Regular Sleeve, Round Neck / O-neck, Regular, Regular, Summer
Print Size:40*52cm

Please see this post for sizing in both cm and inches:


Size Chart

Chest100 102 104 110 114 116 120 
Length68 69 70 74 76 76 77 
Shoulder43 44 47 49 50 52 54 
Sleeve length19 20 21 22 22 22 23 
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