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Bladerunner 4 - Square-Cut Hawaiian Shirt With Pocket

Bladerunner 4 - Square-Cut Hawaiian Shirt With Pocket

SKU: D2836517
It's interesting the choices that MJ makes when you give it minimal information, and especially when it is forced to make a seamless repeating tile based on that minimal info. Here, the prompt was simply "Blade Runner" and almost all the results have this palette which was only used in a few scenes, notably the flight to Tyrell's office and in the office itself.


The pattern itself is interesting, too. It's one in a series of results that have a futuristic art deco cityscape feel that is quite Bladerunnery, but this one jumps out for being suddenly a lot less city and a lot more circuit board. And that's appropriate, given all the artificial life forms in the film.


Another design made possible with the use of the AI image engine, Midjourney.


Please see the last image above for sizing information.




InterestPrint® All Over Print Hawaiian Shirt With Chest Pocket (ModelT58)


- Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex

- Regular/square-cut fit, complete with V-neck, chest pocket, and side slits.

- Lightweight and comfortable

- Each panel is cut and sewn together to ensure a flawless graphic.

- Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL. Please calculate your size from the measurement chart.

- Machine wash: cold (max 40℃ or 104℉); no bleach; iron with cover; do not tumble dry.


InterestPrint notes that:

"We can't guarantee exact placement. There might be slight discrepancies in print placement. We allow the color accuracy deviation of the finished product and the mockup image to be within 5%. There may be small differences in the design of clothing products, with a deviation of 2-3 cm measured manually during the production process.It is impossible to perfectly align patterns or images from front to back for all over print products."







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